At The Coaching Academy we carefully select trainers who have current and relevant knowledge and experience in the programs and courses they are leading. In keeping with our vision and philosophy of empowering students to take charge of their lives, it is our goal to hire individuals who in addition to providing a rich learning experience for students, champion, mentor and facilitate the success of each and every graduate. They are extremely successful within their own fields and bring practical and applied knowledge to their chosen field of passion.

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Advisory Board

Our Advisor Board ensures programs are current and relevant to industry, business and society. The committee plays a key role in helping to ensure the future success of students, graduates and the Academy as a centre of empowerment and growth. Our program advisors identify current and future industry trends and shifts in the skills and knowledge graduates need to meet employer requirements. They advise on the need and review curriculum for new programs and participate in their development and quality assurance. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities requires an advisory committee for each program, or related program cluster, to ensure curriculum quality, student and graduate success. Committee members comprise an external selection of exceptional successful leaders in their fields with a diversity of program-related experience and expertise.

Refund policy: Registration fee: nonrefundable.
*If a student cancels before the program begins, two-thirds of the school fee paid is refundable. If the student leaves the program within 15 days of beginning, half of the school fees paid are refundable.* Following 15 day period, no refund will be granted and student, parent/guardian are responsible for any outstanding payments. *If in the event of being required to leave the program because of faulty documents, failure to obey program rules, failure to attend the classes or being charged with criminal act in Canada, no refund is provided.
*Some conditions may apply.

Our Mission

The Coaching Academy’s sole purpose and mission is to “Empower and champion people and organizations to succeed”. From athletes to executives, from politicians to actors, from entrepreneurs to those overcoming downturns, everybody deserves the opportunity to succeed and to achieve their dreams. We believe that dreams foster the ability for your soul to be touched in such manner that a new possibility becomes so real and tangible that a dream is no longer just a dream, but a goal on its way to a tangible reality. To help and support someone uncover and fulfill their passion and to assist them to live life on purpose and become the best version of themselves is the reason we exist.

Program Delivery

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Webinars are very powerful training tools in and of themselves. It may be more productive to think of a Webinar as a tool that lets you use media in a virtual learning environment that can be instantly adapted to meet the needs of the participants in reaching training objectives. Participants can submit questions to the instructor, and can discuss issues amongst themselves without interrupting the flow of the class.



Our workshops provide practical applications of learning skills for the real world and the world of work. They provide fast paced, short duration, skill development including communication, team work and effective presentation skills. If you thrive in a “hands on” learning environment that fosters problem solving and the development of creative solutions our workshops will challenge you and put you on the fast track to success.

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The Learning Hive offers practical, online options for some of the courses in our catalog which fits the busy schedules of working adults. This helps them achieve their personal and professional goals making online education accessible to thousands of people. These courses allow you to take charge and better manage your own learning experience, making it easy for you to learn on your own and adapt your studies to a busy schedule. Our online courses do more than bridge distances – in a knowledge economy and era of widespread digital communication, online learning brings together communities of collaborative learning and experience.

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BLENDED COURSES (on-line and in person)

Hybrid courses blend online and classroom learning. The pace, timing, and amount of online and classroom learning varies from course to course, so look for an option that best suits your needs. The purpose of a hybrid course is to take advantage of the best features of both face-to-face and online learning. A hybrid course is designed to integrate face-to-face and online activities so that they reinforce, complement, and expand upon one another, instead of treating the online component as an add-on or replication of what is taught in the classroom.

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