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Carolina Billings

Carolina Billings

Carolina Billings brings extensive and diverse executive experience specializing in Supply Chain, Distribution, Mergers, Recruitment, Corporate Branding and Business Development. This course is facilitated at a masters’ level specializing in Communications, Change Management, Conflict Resolution and Leadership.

Catherine Nikkel

Carol Ward

Carol Ward is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) with 25 years of experience in the Accounting and Finance Industry. Her previous position as Controller and acting CFO has given her the knowledge and expertise to lead and manage many businesses. Carol has also worked as a Software Implementation Consultant and has gained additional experience in working with a variety of businesses and training employees at all levels of the company.

Charlotte Kirby

Charlotte Kirby

Corey McCusker

Corey McCusker is a Mental Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author who coaches accomplished professionals and elite young athletes to break through stress and overcome setbacks in order to reach peak performance. Corey helps her clients get past the mental roadblocks that limit their results so they can take control and succeed. Corey teaches the skills to have the performance edge that allows people to go for the big dreams without the stress, struggle and overwhelm that can grip top performers.

Colleen Lindberg

Colleen Lindberg

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Jasmin Schiralli

Jasmin Schiralli has been coaching and enabling people to achieve their goals. She has successfully worked with people in breakthroughs in order to get them past their stuck state. Making them more motivated and enabling them to achieve what they truly want in their life….

Jayne Huhtanen

Jayne Huhtanen has been coaching, training and mentoring others for over 30 years, in both corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Currently Jayne provides training and coaching for entrepreneurs across a range of professions and industries to help them build their business and become proficient at running their business….

Liz Scott

Liz Scott is a certified professional business coach with over 25 years of experience as Marketing Vice-President in the High-Tech and Telecommunications field. She is the CEO of Affinity Coach Consulting – The Business Fire Starter and works with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners across North America….

Samantha King

Samantha has 8+ years teaching experience keeping students organized, focused and accountable. In addition to that, she was a Sales and Marketing Professional in the Corporate world. She is passionate about empowering business owners to create plans with clear paths to success. Not only does she help business owners get organized and focused, but holds them accountable in a profitable way. Strategic and intentional is her approach to getting results.

Todd Porter