Jasmin Schiralli

Industry Expierence:

Jasmin Schiralli has been coaching and enabling people to achieve their goals. She has successfully worked with people in breakthroughs in order to get them past their stuck state. Making them more motivated and enabling them to achieve what they truly want in their life. She has also had great experience in working with Hypnotherapy and achieving results that provide positive lasting change.

Training Focus:

Jasmin will focus her trainings on higher human achievement that will produce positive lasting change through hypnosis and higher self awareness.


  • A.B.H Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist A.B.N.L.P Board
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner Board Certified Master Time
  • Line Therapy® Practitioner Board Designated Hypnotherapy Instructor & Trainer


Jamsin had studied at the University of Western.


Pendulum workshops 1 Day Self Hypnosis Training 1 Day Higher Self Hypnosis 2 Day Board Certification Hypnotherapist